What is Making? #scumakers

We had our first class meeting yesterday for our content creation course (aka maker spaces and digital media labs and awesomeness).  It was a great first class!!!  I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

Happy Dance
Happy Dance

One of the most amazing things happened when we started with this very simple question.  How do you define making?

IMG_20140603_074836 (1)

Lots of amazing themes emerged from this simple exercise.  Here is a list of the themes (in no particular order)


anti-capitalism (make instead of buying)

a process




pursuing a passion

impacting your environment (world)

moving ideas into reality

asking questions

researching answers

trial and error

learning from mistakes





making the world fit you

opening up the world (no trademarks, copyright, patents, etc…)

Making is the belief that everyone should have a comfortable life regardless of access to products

creative abilities used for the greater good




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